Anonymous said: Hi Anna! I am a HUGE fan of your comics! I was wondering: what pronouns do you use? Your Autostraddle page says "she," but you put out a pamphlet where you use "they/them." Thank you :)


I perfer they/them! When I first started drawing for Autostraddle and when my graphic novel was reviewed on the website, I had just started to use they/them pronouns with close friends. I now use them all the time and future posts on Autostraddle will reflect that!

Thanks for being such a big fan of my work and thank you for asking! Here’s a weird photo of my friends and me wearing some crop-top to help round out this blog post. 

Typical trip to the mall! BLAH #queer #genderqueer #LGBTQ

Typical trip to the mall! BLAH #queer #genderqueer #LGBTQ

And although it may seem obvious, the fact that it’s indescribably difficult for women to get money to write words for other women (and therefore make money doing so, it takes money to make money, etc) is bad for the industry of women’s media as a whole. It hurts content, it hurts women editors, it hurts women publishers, it hurts women writers and it hurts women readers by giving them something much less amazing than they could be getting. Conjures Every Terrible Feeling Women in Media Have About Women’s Media via  (via blackgirlrevolution)

Yes! And the same applies to trans and genderqueer creators as well!

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My planner and the queer grant application I’m currently focusing on. I feel like I’m drowning/dying here.

My planner and the queer grant application I’m currently focusing on. I feel like I’m drowning/dying here.

🍩!!!! Stick n poke Saturday #sticknpoke #handpoked #tattoo

🍩!!!! Stick n poke Saturday #sticknpoke #handpoked #tattoo

Hairy legs love hairy legs. stick-n-poke Saturday! #tattoo #queer #queertats #handpoked #sticknpoke

Hairy legs love hairy legs. stick-n-poke Saturday! #tattoo #queer #queertats #handpoked #sticknpoke

Tampon tattoo for stick-n-poke Saturday #tattoo #queer #queertats #handpoked #sticknpoke

Tampon tattoo for stick-n-poke Saturday #tattoo #queer #queertats #handpoked #sticknpoke

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Queeroke

NEW AUTOSTRADDLE COMIC! Click here to read it on the website!

This months comic is all about how Andy and Scout don’t get to sing a duet together. Or in real talk, it’s about LGBT spaces disappearing. 

Important question!

Hey Tumblr! I’ll be teaching high schoolers about gender and sexuality and self-expression soon! I need your help.

What sort of things do you wish were discussed about gender and sexuality when you were in high school? What do you wish you had learned then? What were you curious about? What information did you find out too late? What knowledge and discussions and openness would have made it easier for you to survive?

I plan to incorporate zine-making and comics and drawing and poetry in this class as well. It’d be so helpful if anyone could give me some feedback!



All i see from these new androgynous fashion lines are shirts that say “tomboy” on them, or like… black jeans and plain sweaters..

All for $150 + like excuse me you’ll have to do better than that. 

Ok. So maybe everyone already knew this and maybe they don’t, but I think a lot about clothing and dress and fashion especially as someone who IDs as genderqueer and also what dress represents not just as a fashion statement, but as a political statement, as a way of protest, a way to find home and comfort in our skins.

Its boring to see androgynous fashion presented as nice button-ups and suspenders. It’s frustrating that queer fashion focuses on moc looks and dapperism.

I want crop-tops and glitter skirts and fingernail flagging and cut-up re-modified shirts and jorts and spray-painted stenciled clothing. I want high heels and gold jackets, Rode-ohs peeking out of jeans, dyed hair and mom jeans. Shirts with the words DONT TOUCH ME in neon pink, buzzed hair and rat tails, people packing in a skirt, leather harnesses, and suspenders attached to short-shorts.

Androgynous fashion that isn’t focused on imitating the male, androgyny where skirts/long hair/makeup are not in opposition. Queer fashion that doesn’t imitate wealth. Queer clothing that stands out, doesn’t blend in, different and eccentric and unconventional and queer clothing that represents the word queer itself.

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